WHY Lim Method?

WHY Lim Method?

Why? It is a simple question and the answer has led to some of the greatest advances and discoveries in the history of the world. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch for LiMMethod, but solving urinary incontinence for millions of women can be a life altering advancement for a better life.

As Co-Founders of the LiM Method, we have backgrounds in physical therapy, athletic training, personal training, and strength and conditioning.

We have seen countless women seeking help, frustrated with the treatment options available in the medical world.

We have grown tired of watching commercials normalizing leaking as “just part of being a woman”.

We have become increasingly annoyed by companies and a healthcare system offering pads, medications, and surgeries to treat symptoms and not understand how to truly fix the underlying problem.

What happens when you get so frustrated, tired, and annoyed? Well, we decided to do something about it. We created the LiM Method.

The LiM Method is a series of targeted movements designed to strengthen and properly move the body for the best pelvic floor health. For us, the bottom line is Kegel’s have been around since the 1940’s and women still leak. Common sense would say that Kegel’s are not the answer. So the answer to our “why” is that there had to be a better way of looking at this problem that affects so many women.

We considered the simple fact that no child learns to potty train by being taught Kegel’s. They develop bladder control by developing a strong pelvic floor through movement…crawling, rolling, reaching, squatting, running.

We have taken that same approach and created the Lim Method because all women deserve to live life without feeling the shame, embarrassment, and isolation that comes from leaking urine.

So if you have asked yourself “Why do I have to suffer?” The answer is “you don’t” anymore.

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