How It Works

The low impact sliding surface is the best way to train all the muscles of the pelvic floor successfully.

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LiM Slide is the key to unlocking your pelvic floor strength and reclaiming control. This innovative exercise slide-board is designed for at-home use, providing a low-impact environment where you can engage and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. With its simple and elegant design, LiM Slide offers convenience and privacy while delivering effective results. Say goodbye to pads and diapers, and say hello to a life without leaks
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  • WEEK 1

    Begin with 10 min daily. Your body will take a week to get used to these new motions/movements. Some muscle soreness is ok – new movements will lead to new muscles being used.

  • WEEK 4

    After following the LiM Method consistently, your body and pelvic floor are getting stronger! You can begin to notice fewer leaks, more flexibility and more confidence.

  • WEEK 8

    You are getting stronger and performing the movements with greater speed and motion. Continue noticing how you can live life with fewer leaks!

  • WEEK 12

    Many weeks of consistent use have you moving, feeling and living better. You have taken ACTION on your leaking problem, and are ready to live life without LiMits!


These inspiring testimonials showcase the effectiveness and impact of our programs in improving pelvic floor strength, enhancing confidence, and restoring freedom.

Emily R.

LiM Method has been a game-changer for me. After childbirth, I struggled with urinary incontinence, but their program helped me regain control and confidence.

Sarah M.

I have been looking for a natural solution to my incontinence issue and Finally found a system that works. The LiM Method has allowed me to return to my life without the fear of leaking. I highly recommend this program.

Lisa S.

The LiM Method programs have transformed my life. I can now enjoy my favorite activities without worrying about leaks. It's empowering to know that I have the tools to overcome incontinence. Thank you, LiM Method!

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